Create mind map

Visualize the book structure with mind map!

Add mind map

Inside a book, click「Add mind map」under「Mind map」tab.

Click「+」to add node. You can also drag node to reparent it.

You can view the saved mind map in「Mind map」tab.


Useful functions with toolbar:

  1. Undo, redo changes.
  2. Move root node to the center.
  3. Resize the full mind map to fit the view.

You can export the mind map as image by clicking the download button.

Keyboard & Mouse

  • Hold the left mouse button and drag to move mind map.
  • Select a node, press Enter to create sibling node.
  • Select a node, press Tab to create child node.
  • Select a node, press Delete to delete node.
  • Press and hold Ctrl or , scroll mouse wheel to zoom mind map.


  • Pinch to zoom mind map with two fingers.
  • Hold and drag the mind map with two fingers.

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