Write with Markdown

You might have noticed that the get started book [How to use Knotes] has nice looking heading and list styles. How to achieve that? The anwser is Markdown syntax!

Export for adding heading, bold and list styles, you can even add a image to a clipping with Markdown.


By adding # before text, you can make the text a heading. The font size will decrease while adding more #s.

For example #### Level 4 heading represents:

Level 4 heading


Prefix your list item with + or 1., you can turn it to an un-ordered list or order list.

+ Un-ordered list will become:

  • Un-ordered list

1. Ordered list will become:

  1. Ordered list


You can make text bold using **.

For example, **Note** will become:


Insert image

It’s very easy to insert an image to a clipping, simple add a line like:

![Image caption](image link)

For example:

![How to use knotes](http://cdn.knotesapp.cn/app/howto-en.png)

Turns to:

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